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e more and more .Dual layer wristband is one of them .Do you want to know how to make the dual layer wristband ?Please read the following article ,we will introduce it for you in detail . First we need to know what dual layer wristband look like.Dual layer wristband have two colors ,although the segmented personalized rubber bracelets and swirled silicone wristband also have two colors or more .However the two different colors on the dual layer wristband are located in the inside and outside of the bracelet respectively .For example ,we can make the outside of the silicone bracelet in red color and the inside of the silicone bracelet in white color .we can also make the outside of the silicone bracelet in yellow color and the inside of the silicone bracelet in black color . Of course ,thrubber bracelets animalse color of the outside and inside of the dual layer wristband depends entirely on your requirements. When we produce the dual layer wristband ,we need to produce the solid color wristband first and the color of the solid wristband is same as the color of the inside of the dual layer wristband .Then ,we will spray the ink on the outside of the silicone bracelet and bake it .Finally ,we can printed the logo or laser the logo on the dual layer wristband . debossed-wristbandpersonalized-silicone-wristbands-no-minimum

complicated patterns and remain clearrubber bracelets animals. So we recommend you the printed wristband if logo is especially complex. It touches smooth and comfortable. Figured silicone wristband is quite different from normal shape wristband as it can be customized according to the shape of logo like a watch, heart or other shapes. It is made by mould. The logo can be debossed, debossed colorfilled, embossed, embossed printed or printed. Glowing wristband can glow green or blue after absorbing light energy like sunshine and lamp light. The glow fades gradually and restores with light. It is recyclable and the best promotional gift for night event. UV silicone bracelet can transfer it’s color darker under sunshine when absorbing UV light. It transfer to purple or blue normally which indicating the strength of the UV index. Wearing it on the wrist is a good way to avoid long time staying under strong sunshine. We add UV powder which is also green as silicone in production.   bracelet-montre-swatch-silicone-blancbracelet-montre-silicone-22mm

free patterns for rubber band bracelets

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